Friday, October 31, 2008

October Promise - 29 DARK SPRINGMAN

Using extracting DNA from the original Spring Man, Scientists were assigned to create a Earth copy of Spring Man's GENENIS formula for their own military usage. But there were not expecting the subject to have ambitions of his own.

Dark Spring Man has all the powers of Spring Man, but unlike the original does not power down when he loses energy. Also he cannot power down himself as he is a empty shell looking for a host to feed off from, because of that reason alone makes him one of Sammy's toughest threats as well a Spring Squad nuisance. Dark Spring has the opposite emotions than Sammy. While Sammy will do everything to protect his friends, Dark Spring hims friendship and close acquaintances useless and annoying.

If the is a similar trait is their feelings for Shy as Sammy loves her dearly, Dark Spring Man seems attached to her, but has no idea why...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Promise - 28 DEREK KING

Not much is known about Derek King. He is born in New Toronto and is a camera man for the local news station that both Shy and Lisa work for. Derek is usually seen being dragged into dangerous and at times reckless assignment by Lisa's constant obsession to get the big story first...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Promise - 27 LISA ANNE RAYE

Shy's co-worker at the local news station as well a former rival to the junior internship position. Lisa is the direct opposite of Shy. She is loud, bossy and always gets what she wants (One way or another). She is always accompanied by Derek, her camera man, who always drags him to dangerous situations in which Spring Man usually saves them in the nick of time...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October Promise - 26 SOLOMON SPRINGDALE

The father of Sebastian, Sammy and Shawn, Solomon Springdale is the Spring World's most decorated hero and not so accomplished father and husband. Twenty years ago the Spring World was attacked by the Clipptorian Amry for sole possession of the planet. One of the men who helped win the war for the Springgians was Sammy's father as well being the first GENENIS Solider. As 'Spring Solider' Solomon was equip with super strength, speed with gadgets an arm cannon and a Sword Saber. Solomon also introduced the 'Spiral vine' which he uses to swing to location to location as well a restraint against enemy solider's. Interesting note: Sammy and Solomon have a rocky relationship, but Spring Man's armor is actually Solomon's old 'Spring Solider' armor...

Monday, October 27, 2008

October Promise - 25 TORNADO GIRL

Wendy Windstrum was a famous socialite before her parents lost their fortune in stocks. Embrassed she ran away not wanting to feel the upcoming criticism from her peers and the media. A few months later she Darren as he entered the cafe at the time she was working in, smitten by his looks Wendy was too busy flirting to realize what Darren was trying to tell her. Either way, she'll soon come to terms with her forthcoming destiny and to regain her once strong social status. An Added bonus.

Toronado Girl's powers is the elements of the wind. She can fly by maintaining a strong up draft making her soar in the air with ease. She can also malnipulate the air around her to attack as well defend. Her finishing move is the Twisting Charge. A large Tornado that charges then swipes up her foes in the air before dropping them on the ground below...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October Promise - 24 ROCKY CANYON

Roderick Stone is the computer hacker and engineer and all around tech guy for the Level Threat High team, but by first appearance you would never believe it!

"Rodney" (which his friends call him) acts as a total goof ball, but deep down he's a closet nerd. He hides this since he was picked on at school on a daily basis. His only friend, Franchesia knows the true Roderick, but plays along his charade just for him. Roderick also has a crush on Wendy (Tornado Girl) but she doesn't reciprocate the same feelings.

As Rocky Canyon he controls the earth around him. All types of minerals (rocks, marble, sand and even gravel) are at his command as he can form and shape to attack and defend against his enemy's. Rocky's finishing blow is called the Rockslide. A massive collection of earth that rises high above his foe, then come crashing down then charge towards the enemy...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

October Promise - 23 BIG BERTHA

Born on a neighboring planet from Clipptoria, Beatrice Von Duke is the youngest out of 12 super strong child warriors who are destined to carry out their father's wishes... RULE WITHOUT MERCY. So when the 6'4 Amazon came to Point City she had no idea that she would end up being one of this city's greatest heroes.

Big Bertha is so different from Beatrice. Only that her natural powers are doubled making her extra strong and extra tough. Her only friend is Darren Callahan (Code Red) was the first who didn't treat her as a freak, to which they have been friends ever since.

If there's one thing this strong beauty hates it's the fact that she cannot admit her true feelings to Darren. Super Strong yet super shy...

Friday, October 24, 2008

October Promise - 22 BLACK KNIGHT

Not is known about this villain, only that he is the brother if Christian Smith (White Knight) and both have some deep issues with each other.

Black Knight's powers are the same as his brother's.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Promise - 21 CRYSTAL

The younger sister of Monique (Lagoon), Crystal Du Bois is the youngest by a few minutes, making them fraternal twins but just like night & day these two are completely opposites from one another.

While Monique fought against the Clippotorian threat on her home country, not wanting to take orders from her older sister anymore Crystal left on her own in which she later became a thief. Stealing valuables for her own selfish reasons.

It is not known how Crystal's powers came to be, but what is known is that Monique has not seen her sister in almost three years. That is until Jacob (Swampy) started dating crystal, without knowing she was a Du Bois herself...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October Promise - 20 INSPECTOR TOROHASHI

Head Inspector of the New Toronto Division Police Department, Jordan Torohashi is the continuous thorn to Springman. His dislike to Springians is unclear, but it may have something to do with Sammy always showing up to save the day, making the New MTPD look second rate.

Regardless of his feelings, Torohashi has a strong sense of justice and will do whatever it takes to protect his city, even if it means accepting the help of Springman & the Spring Squad...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October Promise - 19 WHITE KNIGHT

Christian Smith is a typical boy scout. Helpful, kind and tries to be as polite as he can no matter how are it is sometime. His older brother- isn't. So when they were both affected from the GENENIS explosion (Which caused the evens of Code Red's story) they both made a choice... On different paths. Christian chose good...

White Knight is super strong. His armor is very tough, equip with gadgets and weapons which include a Photon Saber and durable shield. His emblem is reminiscent of the Knight's Templar.

Monday, October 20, 2008

October Promise - 18 CODE RED

Darren Callahan is a Private attending an Army School south of Point City, Spring World. He also is the leader of the Level Threat High, as Code Red. Unlike his comrades, Darren has no inherit powers himself but is an strong mark smith , and fluent in Brazilian Tai Jitsu. As Code Red his armor can produce a strong projectile blast from his Hand Blaster, as well when it comes to using his finishing blow he calls, The Shining Example, a large photon cannon which administers a massive amount of escaping beam particles in one paraell stream. Red his a strong and brave leader who very serious about what he does and rarely makes the time to go out and have fun (like a fifteen year old would). His best friend is Beatrice Von Duke (Big Bertha) who acts more as a bodyguard around Darren with her strength and unusual size of 6'4. Darren has one goal and that is to protect the city of Point from other's like him. Other's who want to rule over the city as well as it's citizens...

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The mother of the Springdale siblings. Mary-Louise is a soft spoken mother, a strong oriented currier of the Ancient Artifacts exhibit in the ROM 2 (The New Royal Ontario Museum) as well a bold wife to a stubborn war hero. Her job as an Archaeologist for the new Royal Ontario Museum's ambassador for the Spring World has kept her away from her family for months at a time, which also strains the relationship with her husband Simon, causing their separation two years before the events which led to Sammy becoming Springman (Though neither had the heart to go through the final act).

Sammy studied to be an Archaeologist while he attended Springville College, but it wasn't so much that he liked the profession, but rather to spend more time with his Earthbound mother...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

October Promise - 16 DYNA STARR

When the City Council were displeased with the Spring Squad's battle against The Clipper their lack of loyalty (by not kissing up to the city council) as well their constant vigilante acts that kept the safety of it's city and it's citizens in jeopardy. So they took it upon themselves to create a task force that will keep the citizens of New Toronto safe from The Clipper's attacks as well to defeat the Spring Squad by doing their "job", better. This of course begins a rivalry between the leader of Team Dyna Starr and the leader of the Spring Squad...


Friday, October 17, 2008

October Promise - 15 WATERLILY

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

October Promise - 14 OASIS


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October Promise - 13 FUNKY FRESH SRPING

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October Promise - 12 SPRING BLIZZARD

Cool, Calm and Cocky. The eldest brother of three, Sebastion Springdale is a celebrity on his home world for being the hero in the war against the aggressive Clipporian Army. Just like his father, Sebastian leads a special disivion of Spring Military Forces to combat the threat including his rival, The Master Clipper.

At home, Sammy resents his older brother and the praise he gets for his military efforts, especially from his father, Simon who would use this as a way to put down his younger son. Sebastian knows how hard it is for Sammy to compete for their father's acceptance and wishes that his father would understand that Sammy is his own person and not to live in the legacy of the past as well for Sammy and himself to have a peaceful brother to brother relationship.

As Snow Blizzard, Sebastian uses the power of ice and snow as well to generate a high blasting blizzard attack towards his enemy's...

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Monday, October 13, 2008

October Promise - 11 THE CLIPPER

Chester Clipp was an bright young Clipptorian who became a low grade thug, who had big dreams, but never had the tool or the muscle to achieve them. A numerous offender Chester has been in and out of juvie since he was 13 years old, most of theses arrests coming from Sebastian Springdale (Sammy's older brother).

Chester later joined the Clipptorian Army. A terrorist organization who harbors a grudge against the Spring Government's handling to the Clipptorian race. Chester tried to climb the ladder within the ranks of the organization. Suggesting attack plans and battle stragories to as high as the leader himself, who was the original Clipper who went under the name 'Master Clipper' Alas Chester was ignored and flat out ridiculed by everyone including 'The 'Master Clipper' to which angered Chester.

During the battle between the Clipptorian Army and the Spring Military Forces, Sebastian was in battle against The 'Master Clipper. With the unexpected help from his younger brother Sammy, The Clipper was wounded by Sebastian but not until Chester used one of the Clipper claws to attack Sammy, but Sebastian shoved Sammy out of harms way, taking the brunt of the attack, putting him in coma and on life support.

With his new power at hand and an entire army to his disposal. Chester Clipp became The New and current 'Clipper' as well as Springman's "Neverending Nemesis!"

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Promise - 10 SHERRI

When the Spring Squad first arrived on Earth they had no place of living, that's until they met with a thirteen year old comic book store owner, Sherri. While ask many times how she, a thirteen year old could own & opperate a comic store, she always avoid the question, and the gang never asked as they feared that they would lose the apartment above the shop.

Sherri's past is unknown. Whenever anyone mentions her family she becomes cold and quiet often distant. Sherri doesn't have much friends with the exception of Shawn Springdale, Sammy's younger brother who has a small crush on her. And vice a versa...

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

October Promise - 09 SHY

Samantha Mackenzie is the second out of four children (All sisters), parents to a Shipping mogul father and a popular fashion designer mother. Samantha was the "ugly duckling" of the four sisters due to her weight and not being as 'pretty' as her other sisters. Her parents are no better either shunning her for being different and not following the family's way of life. Due to this, she became distant and reclusive given her nick mane, 'Shy'.

Even after moving out of her parents graduation from High School, her persona stayed with her as it was never going to change ever.

That's until one faithful encounter...

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Friday, October 10, 2008

October Promise - 08 LIL' CANNON

Lil' Cannon is a Shiarial Terrier (Shiatsu/Terrier) species of dog from the Spring World, and is the pet of Spring Squad member, Zero Lo Ki.

A year after the Spring Squad landed on earth, Zero Ki was on the hunt of a criminal who had kidnapped an Spring Dog with an extremely unique gift. After an altercation, Cannon was free from his cage and wasn't going to let his escape pass by.

After sampling the local scene, Cannon seemed happy, but when angered or upset his special gift kicks in. Cannon has the ability to create a hard explosive sphere similar to a cannon ball. After a first bad encounter between the two. Cannon & Zero Ki soon became the best of friends after Cannon saved the 'Ice Cold Braniac' from his former captor. Zero Ki named him "Lil' Cannon" because his nozzle turns cylinder when he fires, similar to a cannon.

Cannon is an official member of the Spring Squad. Loyal & brave Lil Cannon will not hesitate to to save his owner and his friends, making him their "official mascot."He get's along with all the members, but keeps his distance form the moody Lagoon.

Another fun fact. Lil Cannon doesn't bark, but honks.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

October Promise - 03 SPRINGKID

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October Promise - 05 SWAMPY

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Monday, October 06, 2008

October Promise - 04 SPIKE KID

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

October Promise - 04 LAGOON

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

October Promise - 03 SPRINGWOMAN

Cassandra Alexis is a weird fifteen year old girl. She loves shopping, fashion and a little boy crazy, but will out eat you, out belch you and drive you out of your mind with her bizarre antics and irrational words of wisdom.

When Cassandra first met Sammy it was brief. She was promoting a new restaurant she works for when Sammy bumped into her. After refusing her sales pitch Sammy would though it would be the last he would see her, but Cassandra Alexis isn't the average girl and as Springwoman she is NOT the average superhero.

Cassandra has no real fighting ability, but as Springwoman she's... mostly the same, but uses a strong projectile blast she calls the 'Duppy Bomb' (Patwa meaning 'Ghost' because of it's ghostly apperance). Cassandra also has 'disguise power' in which she can disguise herself to any person she wants, both Springaling, Clipporian and Human.

Her personal at times angers the rest of the Spring Squad (With the exception of Swampy), but it's Sammy who is the most irritated from it which at times saddens Cassandra because she respects Sammy wan only wants to help him out in his quest to find and stop The Clipper (She even takes the Sammy's alter ego's name because of that). But deep down Sammy feels the same way too!

Zadam Ryder has a huge crush on Cassandra Alexis, but it too shy to tell her. It's o.k, because Cassandra feels the same way too!

... But that doesn't mean she can't have a little fun teasing him...

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Friday, October 03, 2008

October Promise - 02 ZERO LO KI

Sammy Springdale met Zadam Ryder they were both four years old on his first day Elementary School. Zadam was reading a large book which perplexed the young Springdale as everyone else was either playing tag or eating sand.

"Wanna play tag?"
"Why not?"
"Cause I'm almost done..."

Zadam was reading the Dictionary, and the next day he would tell anyone he knew all the words and meanings from that dictionary to which he was teased, ridiculed and picked on by every kid he talked to, but when he talked to Sammy, he listened because no one else talked to Sammy except for Zadam. After that faithful encounter they became the best of friends. Even if Sammy STILL has no idea what Zadam is saying.

Zadam Ryder lived with his Grandparents as his biological parents whereabouts are unknown. A true geek Zadam loves to know how things work. At age seven he disassemble his Grandpa's TV set to see what's inside, then put it back together, with clearer picture and sound. In short, Zadam is a young genius. So it was no surprise when he volunteered to accompany Sammy to Earth in search for Clipper because in a new world they are new things to explore and study on Earth.

While Zadam is a genius when it comes to electronics and mathematical equations, he is an idiot when it comes to human interaction, especially when it comes to girls. So imagine how Sammy tries to understand his friends crush with Cassandra Alexis...

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

October Promise - 01 RE: SPRINGMAN

So I decided to upload quick sketches of my Spring Squad for this month. yes it wont be as fun (for me) as the 'Runs of Coke' sketch post last year, but it IS something!

Sammy Springdale is the second of three children of Simon (A decorated war hero) and Mary-Louise Springdale (An Archaeologist). Unlike his older brother Sebastian, Sammy has no desire to join the Spring Military Forces. A decision to which angers his father and has strained their relationship.

Sammy also has some resentment towards his older brother. A War hero just like his father who is in battle against the Clipptorian Forces who are attacking the Spring World. Sebastian is the family favorite, epically to his father because of his celebrated Army career at such a young age and it always compared to him by their father. A losing battle for Sammy.

Sammy is very close with his younger brother Shawn and is best friends with Zadam Ryder (Zero Lo Ki) since they were four years old. He studies to be an Archaeologist just like his mother at Springville College so that one day he would prove to his father that he is worth something.
Ironic that the path he would later take, to become a young war hero just like his own father...

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Promise


... Scouts honor! :D