Sunday, February 26, 2006


Been a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG while since I posted. Busy with the everyday struggles of work, and the relaxation known as sleep. XP

The weather up here has been as mischievious as a prankster on April 1st, heavy snow in Brampton, spring time - like weather in Mississauga. Very odd.

Pretty Cure has been liscened by 4 KIDS. Took them long enough. Since I saw the first episode (and only episode of Preety Cure XD) It was preety much a given that it would go to 4 KIDS, though I do see the usual unnecessary edits and scene cuts of what has been a hallmark trade of $ KIDS entertainment, It very well could be a hit... with the toy line.

Welp I'm out,

Chat ya Later! [^^]